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15 years of focus on the production, research and development and construction of floor paint.

Welcome to TianLei, China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial floor paints, coatings, concrete floor restoration materials and maintenance products.

Our Floor Paint Construction Services

Please refer to our construction application of floor paint projects.

Epoxy floor paint construction

Epoxy floor paint is a high performance coating ideal for coating and sealing floors in medical, animal or food environments and offers good chemical resistance.

Anti-static floor paint construction

It is an epoxy resin floor paint with high hardness, wear resistance, good chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, dust resistance and anti-static properties.

Anti-corrosion floor paint construction

It is a floor paint with strong anti-penetration, resistance to strong acids, alkalis, salts and various organic solvents, high surface hardness and good density.

Our Range of Floor Paints

Transform your floors with our premium floor paints.

Acrylic Floor Paints

Dust-proof and anti-slip

Epoxy Floor Paints

Anti-corrosion and stamping resistant

Floor Paint Customization

Customized special floor paint

It’s an Overview of Our Company History And Present Situation

Let us witness history together

17 Mar, 2010


Our Business Started

Our company was founded in 2010,we use the latest technology and advanced automated production equipment to provide you with the highest quality floor coatings.

01 April, 2015


Obtain a trademark registration certificate

We obtained the trademark registration certificate for “Tian Lei” in 2015, and since then the company’s business has developed rapidly.

17 June, 2017


Obtained the floor paint excellent brand certificate

Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, with high-quality products and professional construction technology, we have gained the recognition and trust of our customers.

05 June, 2020


Obtained new technology patent certificate

After more than ten years of innovation and research and development, we have finally made new breakthroughs in technology and obtained a number of practical new patent certifications.

We are real solution experts in floor coatings

Because of focus, so professional.

  • customer satisfaction 93% 93%
  • Product satisfaction 98% 98%
  • Satisfaction with construction plan 96% 96%
  • After-sales service satisfaction 97% 97%

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